History, Hydras, and Gardening

Small Dog Syndrome

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
― John Muir

I recently toured the Garden Museum, housed in a deconsecrated church that abuts Lambeth Palace (traditional home of the Archbishops  of Canterbury), for a post over on The Thrifty Homesteader. Head on over for more about the history of the church–lots of interesting dead people–but there were some extra shots I wanted to include since I found the space and the garden delightful. It’s perfectly appropriate to me to find a museum of gardening housed in a church in Britain!

 photo garden1_zps15e1350d.jpg

When I say abuts, I mean it!

 photo garden2_zps96f7ce28.jpg

A casual walk by the crypts to the front door.

 photo garden3_zps5cc40522.jpg

With a cheerful greeting at the end!

 photo garden4_zps3752c4b4.jpg

The cafe in one of the church aisle–which, architecturally speaking, is not the central passageway up the center of the structure. Tea beneath the memorials!

 photo garden5_zps1fb62fae.jpg

Palm trees and cherubim, an atypical pairing.

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